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United States
Hello there, and thanks for checking out my page!

I now have a Twitter!---->

I'll be sure to be posting content on there as well, follow me if you'd like and I'm sure we can get some conversation going on!

I'm Abelyard! For a long time I've always been a lurker and a viewer of macro/micro content. I decided to break into the scene myself and try my hand at it. I started with stories and now am making my way into 3D art.

Comments and critiques are always loved. I like to know what I'm doing right and doing wrong!

Thanks again for checking my page out!


Stupid question time. Has anyone had their content uploaded by someone else without their permission? How did you go about resolving this?
Small discovery (Mini Story!)
 :iconlllll1337: and I return with another collab! I did the image and he wrote this amazing story! 

I hope you like it! Please let us know what you think. 



A forceful kick sent the decrepit doors flying apart, barely clinging to their rusted hinges. In dashed the deliverer of that kick, a silver-haired YoRHa No. 2 Type B combat android, skidding to a stop on the dusty floor. She scanned the room with blade in hand, diligent and judicious as all units of her type… Or at least as much as she could manage. This particular 2B couldn’t help a brief glance down at the high heels protecting her feet, wincing at a cramp in her nanofiber muscles.

Ugh... That kick was a mistake. I’ve been putting my feet through a lot lately… She sighed through her nostrils. Not that anyone would care. My feet have no bearing on the mission.

Indeed. Project YoRHa’s android soldiers were built to be the perfect fighting machines, expected to do little but focus on their objective. Yet for all their destructive grace, they were still made in the image of their human creators, leaving some units to develop certain “quirks.” Unprogrammed personality traits that were usually harmless enough, such as a fixation on the comfort of one’s own feet, despite the nerves in those feet having an off switch. Nonetheless, such quirks had resulted in odd incidents between certain units which defied explanation.

Case in point, the 2B unit resuming her survey at that very moment. There was little to see in the dusty old lounge besides the worn wooden chairs and a short table. There was little to hear either, until a soft, squeaky whine cried out from somewhere below. The android froze. It wasn’t just any cry she was hearing. It was own voice, as if played back on a tiny recording device.

“…Here! I’m down here!...”


The 2B unit’s gaze fell back to debris-strewn floor, where a second, much smaller 2B unit hopped by her feet, waving her arms. If she hadn’t pinged her I.D. she might have mistaken her for a doll. A doll in her own likeness. A curious notion, she thought, and continued to think as she sheathed her sword and knelt. The larger android lowered an open hand. The smaller one graciously stepped aboard the black-gloved elevator as her rescuer stood back to her full height. A few awkward seconds passed as one 2B stared at the other. Eventually, one of them posed the obvious question.

“Report, soldier. What happened to you and your squad? …And why are you so small?”

“I-I apologize… ma’am.” The smaller unit trembled under the weighty volume of her goliath-sized counterpart. Doing her best to match her composure, she stood straight and spoke as if in a briefing. “It was a hit and run attack by a machine that deployed some sort of size-altering weapon…”

“…I see.” The larger unit slowly nodded. A light smile began to creep over her lips as she watched the little one continue her report. There was something so unusual yet pleasing about seeing a smaller version of oneself deliver a speech in a serious tone that seemed ironic given her size. She recalled hearing the word “cute” used to describe this strange feeling. A strange feeling that spread across her central operating system like a virus.

Hm… I wonder if it would be “cute” for a smaller version of myself to help me with some “maintenance...”

“…As I was saying,” the little unit concluded, “the others were elsewhere in the building when the machine attacked. However, I have their last known positions. They should be fairly easy to find…”

“…More as small as you are?”

The smaller unit paused.

“Well… yes. I assumed you would infer-”

The larger unit nodded.

“I apologize. Carry on.”

“…Understood. The machine also jammed all wireless signals in this area. That’s why no one can contact command and we couldn’t upload our data and active our self-destruct systems. All I could manage was the distress call that you… um… ma’am?”


“You’ve… been looking at me in an unusual way. Why?”

“Hm… I suppose it’s partly because I have never seen a unit with the same model as my own.”

“…Er… Neither have I. But YoRHa regulations state that-”

“And you’re so small…” Her smile broadened as she curled her fingers into a black bowl around the little unit. “…And cute.”
The smaller unit blushed.


“Affirmative. I have a proposal- that you are the perfect size to assist me with something.”

“Wh-what are you…?”

The larger unit strode over to one of the chairs. She took a seat, wood creaking under her heavy artificial skeleton, and set the smaller unit on the table. Reclining with an elbow resting on the chair’s arm, she propped her high-heeled feet on the table’s edge.

“As your superior officer in the current circumstances, I command you to give me a foot rub.”

“A… what…?”

“You heard me, soldier. I’ve been running around all day. I could use a massage.”

“…Ma’am, with all due respect, an android doesn’t need a foot massage to maintain-”

The larger unit simply waved her hand over her high heels, loosening the buckles and straps. Then she kicked her feet to either side and threw her footwear off. Revealed were the bare arches of her soles, dark patches of dirt smattered all over. The heels thudded heavily on the table, feet standing vertical and leering over the smaller unit. She stared in awe, utterly dwarfed by the pillars of pale skin. Even a pinkie toe was big enough to squish her head. She looked between the porcelain crests and saw the distant face of her giant doppelganger looming with a satisfied smirk.

“I’m aware of that. But…”

The larger unit curled her toes, angling her foot downward menacingly.

“…It feels good. And you won’t be getting your data back to the Bunker without my help…”

The smaller unit bit her lip.

“Damn it… Fine. I’ll just get this over with.”

The little 2B sighed and approached the fleshy wedge, her olfactory sensors struck by the thick, clammy odor rising from it. Even without sweat glands, there was a great deal of wet, grimy minutiae stuck between the wrinkles, accumulated from hours in the field. As she drew close, the pale wall dominating her vision, she could practically taste it. She patted around the darkened creases to identify where her hands would have the most pleasing effect. With a clench of her delicate fingertips, she gripped a fleshy bar between two creases and stroked horizontally. Dirt freed from the sole’s squishy crevices pattered onto the table as the toes happily wiggled. The diminutive unit rubbed with efficient vigor, slowly crossing from one side of the fleshy arch to the other, eliciting soft moans from her gigantic superior. The massage continued a while longer until one last moan escaped the larger android. With that, she slid her feet off the table’s edge and slipped them back into their respective heels.

“Mmm… Not bad, little one.” The larger unit sat forward and picked up the smaller one, holding her before her smiling face. The small one folded her arms with a huff. The large one fought to restrain a rather unprofessional giggle.

“Alright. Now, can we please focus on the mission and locate the rest of my squad?”

The larger unit’s smile grew even wider.

“…Yes, of course. Where did you say they were?”

---None of these models are my own
---They have been downloaded from the Steam Workshop
---They belong to their respective owners.
Kanami's 'small' fan
Yeah Persona 5 comes out tomorrow, and I don't know about you all but I am so excited for it!

Been wanting to do a Persona render for awhile but these are the only two models I have, not that there is anything wrong with that of course.

It seems Margret might be in trouble. How will she get out of this one?  

---None of these models are my own
---They have been downloaded from the Steam Workshop
---They belong to their respective owners.
How NOT to be a hero
First off before anything let me give :iconlllll1337: a massive thanks. He helped me flesh out this story, did some editing, and a proof read! 

I just finished My Hero Academia and fell in love with it. So of course I had to write a story about the Giantess.

I tired to keep in the tone of the show with a more lighthearted and silly tone. I took a TON of liberties with this one so please keep that in mind.

The story follows Mount Lady through her youth and how she became the Giantess we know and love today!

Please let me know what you think and I hope you enjoy!
Just taking a mental count here. So I started watching My  Hero Academia and I was wondering how many people had interest in a Mt. Lady story?
Something is in the progress of being made.

Also I love Severa. 20170227 120807 by Abelyard


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